Michael Welty - One of the earliest to this country.

Henry Welty Senior - This is the best gravestone find ever.

Henry Welty Junior - Captain in the 68th Ohio Volunteers.

Where John and Margaret Dick lived during the Revolutionary War.

South Carolina

John and Margaret Dick - Colonial Land Grant and Revolutionary War Soldier.  The story of Margaret's harrowing experience during the war while John was away.

James Wylie - Colonial Land Grant and Revolutionary War Soldier. See the map of his land, and what it looks like today.

Land Grants and South Carolina in the Revolutionary War


John and Margaret Dick - their land in Kentucky.

Nicholas and William Jasper - Who are they and why are they famous?

James and Sarah Wylie - the oldest of my family.

Henry Welty said that his Grandfather, Michael Welty, was buried on Uncle Jacobs farm.... this is it.
Uncle Jacobs Farm

Who am I?

Genealogy is the search for your family.  Who you are. And the seemingly infinite number of people who somehow found each other and had children, who then found each other and had children, and then one day, you came out.

I've been researching my family for years and I have longed for a way to share my information with others.  I usually tell people... "look it up on Ancestry".  But few people ever do.

Ancestry is for genealogists.  It is full of dates and census records.  It is not for the casual person who just wants to see a photo of Great Uncle William.

I created this site to share my family with.... my family.  If you want to get into the documents that serve as the facts behind my genealogy, then take a look at Ancestry, if you want to see Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Sarah Wylie's headstone..... this is the website for you.


Pam Welty


Next Steps...

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