Finding a Cemetery

One of the cemeteries that stumped me has always been of Henry Welty and his wife Mary Bierly Welty.  I searched all around in the regular spots for their headstones, find a grave, ancestry, billion graves, but no results ever came up.  I did have a few clues:

Census records put Henry and Mary in Ohio

Henry Welty Jr., wrote that his father "Sleeps in his own cemetery, 10 miles north of Massilon, Ohio".

and I knew he was a Baptist.

Following the Maps

I searched Google Earth north of Massilon for a cemetery 1o miles north, but didn't find anything.

I search the 1875 Dover Township Land Map, and found nothing north of Massilon.  I did find land 10 miles south of Massilon that was owned by XXXXXXX and XXXXXX Welty.  I took a chance and overlayed the 1875 map onto Google Earth.  With a few tweaks and a lot of trial and error, I had the first of my "Oh, My" moments.

Google Earth

Correctly orienting and scaling the map led me what today is called, Welty Rd., SW.  Just off of Navarre Rd, get on Welty Rd, head west, then north,  then west, then north again, to Mt. Eaton St. SW.  It seemed to be a road with more turns than necessary.  I zoomed in close and found a small chunk of trees surrounded by farm land.  Why is there a clump of trees, in what should have been prime growing fields?  It seemed like prime cemetery property.

I added the location to my travel plans.

Walking The Land

I arrived at the little forest mid afternoon.  I could see at least 2 headstones deep in the trees.  I stepped into the woods.  It was about 8" deep with leaves and was very damp.  I found the first headstones and read very clearly, that they were all Grant Family members.  They were in poor condition


The Cemetery

Baptist Cemetery is on Welty Rd SW, between Mt Eaton St, SW and Navarre Rd SW (62).  Nearest town is Brewster, OH.

Sugarcreek Township, OH

Abandoned Baptist Cemetery

on Welty Rd, near Dover, Ohio

near Dover, Ohio

The headstones

Covered with leaves and branches

On Welty Rd.

Concrete curb

A concrete curb borders the headstones

The only standing portion of the headstone.  It had been repaired with a concrete patch in the past.

The partial headstone of Mary Welty
near Dover, Ohio

When I scratched away the leaves at the base of the headstone, I found this chunk.  Imagine my surprise to see the name Henry Welty!