John & Margaret Dick

John Dick was born in 17XX likely in Ireland.  Arriving, he was granted land near Somerset, Kentucky.  He farmed and worked his land until the Revolutionary War started.  Joining up with the 2nd Regiment, South Carolina in 17xx.  First leave he got he headed home and married his next door neighbors daughter.  

Margaret Wylie was born in 17xx also in Ireland.  She and her family coming to this country aboard the ship Earl of Donnegal.  You can see the passenger manifest here.  He parents, James and Sarah along with she and her siblings ( xx, and xx) were granted 350 acres of land in Somerset, Kentucky. 

The Revolutionary War 

Rumor has it that not long after marriage, John went out on "Militia" duty.  While he was out some soldiers came to his home.  Margaret's brother, XX answered the door and was shot and died.  Stoically, Margaret buried her brother behind her home, then fled back to her father's home and waited for John to return.



John Dick and James Wylie had property near each other in Chester, South Carolina.  Their land today is at the intersection of Knox Station Rd, and Old Richburg Rd, between Richburg and Chester.  John's land is about at the train tracks.  James's land is the area around Taylor Rd.  Land Grant Map